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professionals creating
design for startups
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With branding, UX/UI, advanced technologies applied.


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We work with agencies all over the world. Here is what they say.

Taj Tarsha, Strategist

Mabbly, Chicago, IL

Artkai team delivers again and again on awesome projects. The quality of deliverable is always there and solid. What is setting these guys apart is the overall style of the creative they are delivering. These guys are on the up-and-coming of what is cool and hip in the digital space.

Chris "CT" Schenk, CEO

WizKru LLC, Austin, TX

Art and his team are the solution we have been looking for. Selfishly I don't want them to take on any other jobs as I am doing what I can to keep them busy!

Kristina Guzikova, Creative Manager

Intechnic Corporation, Chicago, IL

I am grateful for the opportunity to collaborate with these wonderful and talented individuals. They care about me, my project and our relationships. Having peace of mind is priceless. Thank you, Artkai for your professionalism, positive attitude and willingness to walk extra mile, always.


lmost all members of Artkai family worked in agencies.


ur approach is easily adjustable to your needs.


e will help your team
gain more projects and more money.


e strive for long-term relationships and ready to contribute our forces.


e care about our reputation and respect NDA.


e didn't decide how much humor to include, but we are fun.

We are

Please drop a line to our Creative Director Kos Chekanov to kos@artk.ai
You can also call to +1 (617) 275-25-88 or use the form below.